Outdoor Outreach Training - Improve Team Cohesion

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In order to strengthen the construction of the company's workforce, increase mutual exchanges among employees, cultivate the team spirit and collaboration awareness of all employees, further enhance the combat effectiveness and cohesiveness of the team, and build an excellent corporate team that is united, cooperative, courageous, and passionate. On April 14, the Human Resources Department of East Vision Electronics Co., Ltd. organized all employees to carry out outreach training activities.


At 9:30 in the morning, after the team arrived at the expansion base on time, everyone was randomly divided into a team, a team of two, a team of three, a team of four, and a team of four. Each team selected the captain and team secret in the first time to facilitate the organization of the event. Carry out. With the active participation of the team members, the teams completed the design of the team name, the team flag and the slogan within the specified time, which reflected the collective wisdom and team spirit of the Eastman.


With the deafening team name of "Warhawks", "Colorful Lights", "Flying Hawks" and "Raptors", under the team slogan full of lofty ambition and bright team, the company's development training activities kicked off.


In the course of outreach training, one well-designed expansion project inspired everyone's strong interest and enthusiasm for participation. Faced with challenging projects, each team member brainstormed, united and collaborated, and successfully worked out challenges with thought and sweat in a concerted effort to share the joy of success and passion for challenges. Everyone actively participated in the challenge and challenged themselves. The team members encouraged each other and did not evade each other. All the teams successfully completed the training for each development project. Team members also fully realized that team trust, effective communication, empathy, rational organization, leadership, execution and team collaboration are all closely related to the work.


One day's outreach training is a soul washing of every one of our Dongshi employees. It allows us to understand the value of our commitments, gains experience in responsibility, enhances everyone’s understanding of team strength, and feels communication, cooperation, cohesion, and mutuality. The importance of inspiring and rapporting personal relationships and complying with group norms has promoted the collective sense of belonging to the large family of East TV and demonstrated the mental outlook of the East Vision elite.


In each of the training projects, we were moved by teammates and moved by ourselves. We are proud of our team and proud of ourselves! In our hearts, we spurt ourselves silently: in the face of difficulties in life and work in the future, as long as we have the courage to challenge and dare to face, and believe in the power of the big family in Eastview, then there will be no gap that cannot be overcome, and there will be no difficulties that cannot be overcome. No matter what the circumstances, we can't give up our share of responsibility, I believe we will create a more brilliant tomorrow! Truly realize "beyond self and achieve business"!

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